M.G. (Gabi) Murillo M.Sc.

Research assistant

Gabi Murillo was born in Venezuela and grew up in the United States. She studied Geography and Economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder before moving to Amsterdam in 2017 to complete a Master’s in Urban, Environmental and Transportation Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her bachelor’s thesis compared the health of Mexican immigrants living in rural areas to those living in urban areas. Her master’s thesis focused on neighborhood influences of commuting patterns in Santiago, Chile. Before coming to NIDI, Gabi completed internships at UNFPA in New York City, and the OECD in Paris. She also has research on projects for small NGO’s and for various university projects. Working for the Resource Flows team has inspired Gabi to continue pursuing research in the field of International Public Health.


Reproductive health, demography, geography, migration and health, urban economics, housing

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