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NVD-WODC Seminar

‘Choice’ of the destination country and (im)mobility within Europe

When 9 October 2018 from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs
Where Turfmarkt 147, Den Haag (Z01-38 - Alexia – zaal)
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Migration to and mobility within Europe are the two main themes of the seminar organized by the Netherlands Demographic Society (NVD) in cooperation with the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC), to be held on Tuesday, 9 October 2018.

Nation states, European migration policy and border control on the one hand, and migrants from non-EU countries looking for safety and a better life on the other. What are the motivations of these migrants to settle in a specific European country? How are the decisions made? Is settlement in a certain country a ‘conscious’ choice or does coincidence also play a role? What is the role of expectations, aspirations, social networks, and admission policies, including intra-European mobility of regular and irregular migrants? What are the coping strategies of irregular migrants to avoid deportation?

In this seminar, presenters will seek answers to these and similar questions using results from quantitative or qualitative research, covering different groups (e.g. asylum seekers and labour migrants; unaccompanied minors and adult migrants) and nationalities (e.g. Eritrean, Syrian, Afghan, Nigerian) in different European countries (e.g. Norway, Italy, the Netherlands).


For more information and registering see: NVD-WODC seminar programme

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