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Netspar young talent grant awarded to Marleen Damman

15 December 2017

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, awarded an individual young talent grant for multidisciplinary research on the self-employed and retirement to NIDI researcher Marleen Damman.

Her three-year research project, launching January 1, 2018, is titled “Retirement Preparation and Retirement Transitions of the Dutch Solo Self-employed”. In addition to the academic output, two industry-specific papers will be produced. Despite rapid growth in the number of so-called solo self-employed (“ZZP'ers” in Dutch), there is a relative scarcity of scientific data on their preparation for, and transition into, retirement. Previous Netspar studies  have examined the financial preparations for retirement made by independent contractors from an economic perspective. The current project by Marleen Damman will supplement the findings of those studies with an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates psychology, sociology, and economics.

NIDI heartily congratulates Marleen with this prestigious grant.


Netspar Newsflash December 15, 2018: Young Talent Grant Awarded for Multidisciplinary Research on the Self-Employed and Retirement

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