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Two PhD positions on Health in Europe, at the University of Groningen

Mar 19, 2019

The Population Research Centre of the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) is currently seeking to fill up 2 PhD positions (2 x 1,0 fte) on the overall theme “Health in Europe”, partly in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology and Demography of the University of Rostock.

GGP Newsletter February 2019

Feb 06, 2019

January 2019 saw the start of the Social Science and Humanities Open Science Cloud project (Grant Number: 823782). This €14.5 million project seeks to better integrate Social Science and Humanities Infrastructures with the European Open Science Cloud. In this project, the GGP will be collaborating with the European Linguistics Infrastructure (CLARIN) and the European Value Study (EVS) to develop new approaches to harvesting linguistic data from survey interviews.

Ph.D. defence Petra de Jong

Jan 09, 2019

Thursday 17 January 2019 Petra de Jong defended her Ph.D. thesis entiteld 'Between welfare and farewell. The role of welfare systems in intra-European migration decisions', a study on how and to what extent intra-European migration decisions are influenced by welfare systems in both origin and destination countries.

GGP Newsletter December 2018

Dec 19, 2018

The Generations and Gender Programme presents it's re-styled Newsletter. This shift to a new platform and layout makes it possible to publish new, dynamic data visuals while continuing to provide the GGP User Community with updates from the GGP as well as news items about upcoming events and recent studies conducted using GGP datasets.

ERC Grant awarded to Helga de Valk

Dec 03, 2018

NIDI is very happy to congratulate Helga de Valk for obtaining an ERC Consolidator Grant based on her project proposal Migrant youth mobility in Europe: Patterns, processes and consequences.

NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award and NVD Poster Award 2018

Nov 28, 2018

Bettina Hünteler wins the NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award 2018 and Ilya Kashnitsky received the NVD Poster award 2018.

GGP at a Glance on dividing household work equally with a partner

Oct 31, 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, families generally followed the male-breadwinner model characterized by a clear gender division of labour both in terms of paid and unpaid work. Equal division of labour nowadays depends heavily on the household task considered.

GGP at a Glance on attitudes towards family formation behaviour

Aug 30, 2018

Families in Europe and elsewhere are becoming more complex, with an increasing number of couples living in unmarried cohabitation or experiencing a separation or divorce. The GGP provides data not only on actual family transitions, but also on norms and values regarding family-related behaviour.

Regional population structures at a glance

Jul 21, 2018

Diversity in population age structures is all too easily hidden behind national averages. Today every country in Europe faces the challenges of demographic ageing to some degree. Yet, the severity of the issue varies substantially by region, city, or even urban district.

GGP at a Glance on care responsibilities for (elderly) parents with young children

Jul 05, 2018

The increase in female labour force participation and dual-earner couples has initiated a continuing discussion in Europe about ways in which families can be helped in combining work and family responsibilities. Uptake of maternity leave and access to high-quality and affordable child care can help families – and women in particular - to combine parenthood and career aspirations. Generally, less attention is paid to care responsibilities for elderly parents.

Special EPC 2018 DEMOS

May 31, 2018

In this special issue of DEMOS on the occasion of the European Population Conference 2018 articles on: retiring together, educational differences in longevity, timing of family formation and loneliness among older adults, migration decisions in Europe, and the position of migration research.

Photo: Roel Wijnants/Flickr

GGP at a Glance on young adults who are not employed nor in education

Apr 30, 2018

Young adults who are not employed nor in education or training are a continuing concern for European policy makers because of their higher risks of social exclusion and poverty.

Tineke Fokkema appointed professor of 'Ageing, Families and Migration'

Apr 12, 2018

Tineke Fokkema has been appointed as the new endowed chair of 'Ageing, Families and Migration' at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). It is the first professorship in the Netherlands to focus on diversity within the population of older migrants, especially in relation to social issues and well-being.

Allianz European Demographer Award 2018 for Fanny Janssen

Apr 12, 2018

On 10 April, Professor in Demography Fanny Janssen from the University of Groningen and NIDI, received the prestigious 2018 Allianz European Demographer Award, which was handed out in at the Allianz Forum in Berlin.

Ph.D. defence Leonie Elsenburg

Apr 09, 2018

Monday 16 April 2018 Leonie Elsenburg defended her Ph.D. thesis entiteld 'Adverse life events and overweight in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood', a study assessing the relation between adverse early childhood life events and overweight and obesity in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.

GGP at a Glance on early motherhood

Feb 27, 2018

Even though the mean age at childbirth has increased in all countries in the recent decades, a nonnegligible proportion of women still give birth at a very early age. The GGP data reveal a sharp East-West European contrast, with much higher percentages of women experiencing early childbearing in the East than in the West.

GGP at a Glance on family formation behaviour

Dec 21, 2017

Over the past decades family formation behaviour has diversified in Europe. The traditional pathway in family formation was: first leave the parental home, then marry, after which have the first child, and experience all three events before the age of 30. There is a large decrease across cohorts in the percentage following such a traditional pathway.

Netspar young talent grant awarded to Marleen Damman

Dec 15, 2017

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, awarded an individual young talent grant for multidisciplinary research on the self-employed and retirement to NIDI researcher Marleen Damman.

NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award and NVD Poster Award 2017

Nov 22, 2017

Winida Albertha wins the NIDI-NVD Master Thesis Award 2017 and Paul Sellies received the NVD Poster award 2017.

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