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Publications 2004

NIDI's research findings are published in external national and international journals, books and reports. This page presents an overview of all external publications in the year 2004.

Articles in journals covered by the (Social) Science Citation Index

Ahmed, M.K., J. van Ginneken, A. Razzaque & N. Alam (2004),
Violent deaths among women of reproductive age in rural Bangladesh. Social Science & Medicine 59 (2): 311-319. [pdf]
Billari, F., T. Frejka, J. Hobcraft, M. Macura & D.J. van de Kaa (2004),
Discussion of paper explanations of the fertility crisis in modern societies: a search for commonalities. Population Studies 58 (1): 77-92. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2004),
Demographers and their journals: who remains uncited after ten years? Population and Development Review 30 (3): 489-506. [pdf]
Dykstra, P.A. & J. de Jong Gierveld (2004),
Gender and marital-history differences in emotional and social loneliness among Dutch older adults. Canadian Journal on Aging / La Revue Canadienne du Viellissement 23 (2): 141-155. [pdf]
Haandrikman, K., N. V. Rajeswari, I. Hutter & B. M. Ramesh (2004),
Coping with time; using a local time-path calendar to reduce heaping in durations. Time & Society 13 (2): 339-362. [pdf]
Huisman, C. & L. van Wissen (2004),
Localization effects of firm startups and closures in the Netherlands. The Annals of Regional Science 38 (2): 291-310. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Remarriage, unmarried cohabitation, living apart together: partner relationships following bereavement or divorce. Journal of Marriage and the Family 66 (1): 236-243. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de & B. Havens (2004),
Cross-national comparisons of social isolation and loneliness: introduction and overview. Canadian Journal on Aging 23 (2): 109-113. [pdf]
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
"Ready, willing and able": Ansley Coale, 1917-2002. Journal of Interdisciplinary History 34 (3): 509-512. [pdf]
Mamun, A. Al, A. Peeters, J. Barendregt, F. Willekens, W. Nusselder & L. Bonneux (2004),
Smoking decreases the duration of life lived with and without cardiovascular disease: a life course analysis of the Framingham Heart Study. European Heart Journal 25 (5): 409-415. [pdf]
Padmadas, S., I. Hutter & F. Willekens (2004),
Compression of women's reproductive spans in Andhra Pradesh, India. International Family Planning Perspectives 30 (1): 12-19. [pdf]
Tilburg, T. van, B. Havens & J. de Jong Gierveld (2004),
Loneliness among older adults in the Netherlands, Italy and Canada: a multifaceted comparison. Canadian Journal on Aging 23 (2): 169-180. [pdf]
Uhlenberg, P. & J. de Jong Gierveld (2004),
Age-segregation in later life: an examination of personal networks. Ageing and Society 24 (1): 5-28. [pdf]
Wissen, L. van & J. van Dijk (2004),
Editorial introduction Demography of the firm and spatial dynamics. The Annals of Regional Science 38 (2): 193-198. [pdf]
Wissen, L. van (2004),
A spatial interpretation of the density dependence model in industrial demography. Small Business Economics 22 (3-4): 253-264. [pdf]
Zeegers, M.P.A., F. van Poppel, R. Vlietinck, L. Spruijt & H. Ostrer (2004),
Founder mutations among the Dutch. European Journal of Human Genetics 12 (7): 591-600. [pdf]

Articles in edited books and in other refereed scientific journals

Billari, F. & A. Liefbroer (2004),
Is the second demographic transition a useful concept for demography? Introduction to a debate. In: G. Feichtinger (ed.), Vienna Yearbook of Population Research. Vienna: Institute of Demography, p. 1-3.
Brouwer, E., H.P. van Dalen, Th. Roelandt, M. Ruiter & H.P. van der Wiel (2004),
Market structure, innovation and productivity: a marriage with chemistry. In: G. Gelauff, L. Klomp, S. Raes & Th. Roelandt (eds.), Fostering productivity: patterns, determinants and policy implications. Amsterdam etc.: Elsevier, p. 199-212.
Dykstra, P.A. (2004),
Changes in family patterns and people's lives: Western European trends. In: T. Knijn & A. Komter (eds.), Solidarity between the sexes and the generations: transformations in Europes. Aldershot, UK: Edward Elgar, p. 89-110.
Dykstra, P.A. (2004),
Diversity in partnership histories: implications for older adults' social integration. In: C. Phillipson, G. Allan & D. Morgan (eds.), Social networks and social exclusion: sociological and policy issues. London: Ashgate, p. 117-141.
Fokkema, T. & A. Liefbroer (2004),
Employment and divorce among Dutch women born between 1903 and 1937. The History of the Family 9 (4): 425-442. [pdf]
Heering, L., R. van der Erf & L. van Wissen (2004),
The role of family networks and migration culture in the continuation of Moroccan emigration: a gender perspective. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 30 (2): 323-338. [pdf]
Imhoff, E. van & G. Beets (2004),
A demographic history of the Indo-Dutch population, 1930-2001. Journal of Population Research 21 (1): 47-72. [pdf]
Imhoff, E. van & G. Beets (2004),
Education at home: the age-specific pattern of migration between the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies around 1930. Demographic Research 11 (12): 335-356. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Changements démographiques et contrat social de soutien informel dans la famille. In: J. Véron, S. Pennec & J. Légaré (eds.), Âge, générations et contrat social: l'État-providence face aux changements démographiques. Paris: INED, p. 105-117.
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Social networks and social well-being of older men and women living alone. In: S. Arber, K. Davidson & J. Ginn (eds.), Gender and ageing: changing roles and relationships. Maidenhead: Open University Press, p. 95-110.
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Societal trends and lifecourse events affecting diversity in later life. In: S.O. Daatland & S. Biggs (eds.), Ageing and diversity: multiple pathways and cultural migrations. Bristol: The Policy Press, p. 175-188.
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
Is the second demographic transition a useful research concept: questions and answers. In: G. Feichtinger (ed.), Vienna Yearbook of Population Research. Vienna: Institute of Demography, p. 4-10.
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
Demographic revolutions or transitions? A foreword. In: T. Frejka & J.P. Sardon, Childbearing trends and prospects in low-fertility countries: a cohort analysis. Dordrecht: Kluwer, p. XI-XIV.
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
Analyser la fécondité par ses causes. Informations Sociales, (118): 63-67.
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
International migration in the demographic balancing equation of late modern societies. Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft 28 (2-4): 171-182.
Kaa, D. van de (2004),
Innovative contraceptive technology and demographic behaviour. Innovation 5 (1): 52-53.
Nijkamp, P., L. van Wissen & A. Rima (2004),
A household life cycle model for residential relocation behaviour. In: Location, travel and information technology: selected essays of Peter Nijkamp, volume 3. Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar, p. 3-21.
Oppelaar, J. & P.A. Dykstra (2004),
Contacts between grandparents and grandchildren. Netherlands' Journal of Social Sciences 40 (2): 91-113. [pdf]
Poppel, F. van (2004),
How effective was nineteenth-century medical knowledge in fighting infant mortality? Evidence on infant survival among the Dutch medical profession. In: M. Breschi & L. Pozzi (eds.), The determinants of infant and child mortality in past European populations. Udine: Forum, p. 191-212.
Solinge, H. van, A. Liefbroer, F. van Poppel & E. Dourleijn (2004),
Contemporary patterns of family formation, fertility and family dissolution among Jews and non-Jews in the Netherlands. In: G. Brunet, M. Oris & A. Bideau (eds.), Les minorités: une démographie culturelle et politique, XVIIIe - XXe siècles / Minorities: a cultural and political demography, 18th-20th centuries, Population, Famille et Société / Population, Family and Society, Vol. 2. Bern etc.: Peter Lang, p. 73-91.
Spaan, E. (2004),
Immigrant workers in Arab states. In: C. Skutsch (ed.), Encyclopedia of the world's minorities. London etc.: Routledge, 2004.
Tomassini, C., S. Kalogirou, E. Grundy, T. Fokkema, P. Martikainen, M. Broese van Groenou & A. Karist (2004),
Contacts between elderly parents and their children in four European countries: current patterns and future prospects. European Journal of Ageing 1 (1): 54-63.
Valk, H. de, A. Liefbroer, I. Esveldt & K. Henkens (2004),
Family formation and cultural integration among migrants in the Netherlands. Genus 71 (3-4): 9-36.
Wissen, L. van, A. Popkov, E. Popkov et al. (2004),
A model of labor market with an entropy operator (competition of cohorts) [in Russian]. Economic and Mathematical Methods 40 (2): 99-112.

Articles in other (national) journals and books

Alders, M. & I. Esveldt (2004),
Zorg voor hulpbehoevende ouders. Bevolkingstrends 52 (3): 75-79. [pdf]
Beekink, E., J. Gierveld & B. Meyboom-de Jong (2004),
Inleiding en demografische aspecten. In: F. Eulderink, T.J. Heeren, D.L. Knook & G.J. Ligthart (eds.), Inleiding gerontologie en geriatrie. Houten: Bohn, Stafleu Van Loghum, p. 1-16.
Dalen, H.P. van, S.A. van der Geest, J. Swank & M. Varkevisser (2004),
Europa en de prijs van solidariteit. Economisch-Statistische Berichten 89 (4442): 437-439. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van (2004),
Het dilemma van de barmhartige Samaritaan. Socialisme en Demokratie 61 (10-11): 27-33. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van (2004),
Het Vanessa-complex. Economisch-Statistische Berichten 89 (4439): 361. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van (2004),
Fabels in economenland: boekbespreking van Famous fables of economics: myths of market failures / ed. by Daniel F. Spulber. Economisch-Statistische Berichten 89 (4426): 90-91. [pdf]
Doorne-Huiskes, A. van, P. Dykstra & J.Schippers (2004),
Mantelzorg in de (tijds)klem. Sociale wetenschappen 47 (4): 27-48.
Esveldt, I. (2004),
Gerongrafiek: ouderen en jongeren over oplossingen voor tekort aan personeel in de zorg. Geron 6 (2): 45.
Esveldt, I. (2004),
The Netherlands: participation and emancipation. Demotrends 8 (2-3): 9. [pdf]
Fischer, T., P. de Graaf & H. van der Togt (2004),
Intergemeentelijke verhuizingen gedurende de onderwijsloopbaan en bereikt opleidingsniveau. Pedagogiek 24 (2): 138-150.
Fokkema, T., K. Knipscheer & A. Teklenburg (2004),
Ervaringen en belevingen. In: J. Steyaert (ed.), Esc@pe, als je wereld kleiner wordt. Fontys Hogescholen etc., p. 53-71.
Fokkema, T. (2004),
Gerongrafiek: moderne leefvormen ook in trek onder ouderen. Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en maatschappij 6 (3): 40.
Fokkema, T. (2004),
Gerongrafiek: grootouders en kleinkinderen. Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en maatschappij 6 (1): 43.
Fokkema, T. (2004),
Aanpak van eenzaamheid: theorie en praktijk. In: J. Steyaert (ed.), Esc@pe, als je wereld kleiner wordt. Fontys Hogescholen etc., p. 11-25.
Fokkema, T. (2004),
Nederland is zo grijs nog niet: vergrijzing in Europees perspectief. Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en maatschappij 6 (4): 4-9.
Henkens, K., C. Remery, J. Schippers & P. Visser (2004),
Knelpunten in de personeelsvoorziening: strategieën van werkgevers. Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 20 (2): 182-196.
Henkens, K., C. Remery & J. Schippers (2004),
Hoe pakken werkgevers in Nederland personeelstekorten aan? Over.Werk, tijdschrift van het Steunpunt Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Vorming 14 (3): 163-167. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Participation and integration or isolation and segregation: the position of older adults. NIAS newsletter 32 (1): 11-14.
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2004),
Eenzaamheidsinterventies langs de meetlat. In: J. Steyaert (ed.), Esc@pe, als je wereld kleiner wordt. Fontys Hogescholen etc., p. 73-75.
Nimwegen, N. van (2004),
Van spitsuur naar sandwich. Economisch-Statistische Berichten 89 (4427), Dossier Levensloopbeleid: D 19-D 21.
Oppelaar, J. & P.A. Dykstra (2004),
Contacten tussen grootouders en kleinkinderen. Mens en Maatschappij 79 (3): 264-286. [pdf]
Poppel, F. van (2004),
De bevolkingsbewegingen. In: J.C.H. Blom (ed.), Leiden vanaf 1896. Leiden: Stichting Geschiedschrijving Leiden, p. 43-57.
Poppel, F. van (2004),
De confrontatie met de dood: sterfte van vrouwen en van mannen in Nederland, 1850-2002. In: Jaarboek voor vrouwengeschiedenis. Amsterdam: Aksant, p. 107-132.
Teulings, C.N., A.L. Bovenberg & H.P. van Dalen (2004),
Privatisering of de kunst van het loslaten. Economisch-Statistische Berichten 89 (4424): 28-31. [pdf]
Valk, H. de & A. Liefbroer (2004),
Invloed van ouders op relatievormingsvoorkeuren van Turkse, Marokkaanse en autochtone jongeren in Nederland. Migrantenstudies 21 (3): 108-129.
Valk, H. de (2004),
Taakverdelingspreferenties van allochtone en autochtone jongeren in Nederland: de invloed van ouderlijke normen en gedrag nader bestudeerd. Mens en Maatschappij 79 (4): 322-347.
Wissen, L. van (2004),
Bedrijvendemografie. Rooilijn 37 (5): 226-231.

Books or reports published elsewhere

Beekink, E. (2004),
Population. In: Eurostat, Regions: statistical yearbook 2004. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Community, p. 16-24. [pdf: endefr]
Eelens, F. (2004),
Population projections Aruba 2003-2023. Oranjestad: Central Bureau of Statistics.
Ekamper, P. & R. Wetters (2004),
First demographic estimates for 2003, Eurostat - Statistics in Focus - Population and Social Conditions, 2004/01. Luxemburg: European Communities, 8 p. [pdf: en/de/fr]
Eurostat (2004),
Population statistics; 2004 edition. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 171 p. [pdf: endefr]
Ewijk, C. van, E. de Gier, K. Henkens, E. van Imhoff & L. van Wissen (2004),
Vergrijzing als uitdaging: kansen en bedreigingen van een vergrijzende Europese bevolking. Den Haag: Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming, 80 p.
Fischer, T.F.C. (2004),
Parental divorce, conflict and resources: the effects on children's behavior problems, socioeconomic attainment and transitions in the demographic career, ICS dissertation series nr. 105, Doctoral dissertation Nijmegen.
Fokkema, C. (2004),
Echtscheiding, AO-reeks nr. 2799. Lelystad: Actuele Onderwerpen BV, 22 p.
Jong, A. de & H. Hilderink / CPB, RPB, SCP & NIDI (2004),
Lange-termijn bevolkingsscenario's voor Nederland. Bilthoven etc.: RIVM etc., 63 p. [pdf]
Kouamé, A., J. Schellekens & A. Bosch (2004),
Rural development and fertility changes in Côte d'Ivoire, NIRP research for policy series; nr. 19. Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute, 62 p.
Plaza-Maduro, M., M. Balkestein & F. Eelens (2004),
Double or quits: a study on recent migration to Aruba 1993-2003. Oranjestad: Central Bureau of Statistics.
Wetters, R. & D. Pearce (2004),
First results of the demographic data collection for 2003 in Europe, Eurostat - Statistics in Focus - Population and Social Conditions, 2004/13. Luxemburg: European Communities, 8 p. [pdf: en/de/fr]

Other reports and publications

Alders, M., L. Heering & M. Reinink (2004),
Changing population of Europe: uncertain future; elicitation of experts' opinions. Voorburg etc.: Statistics Netherlands etc., 103 p.
Broersma, L., J. van Dijk & L. van Wissen (2004),
Making the unused labour force work: assessing the facts for the Netherlands. 2nd ed., Discussion Paper 04008. Voorburg/Heerlen.: Statistics Netherlands, 36 p. [pdf]
Cruijsen, H., P. Ekamper, N. van der Gaag, C. Huisman, E. van Imhoff, L. van Wissen, J. Bijak, M. Kupiszewski, B. Nowok, A. Kicinger & S. Tsvetarsky (2004),
Compilation of long-term national and regional population scenarios for the 12 EU candidate countries; final output. The Hague: NIDI, 2004. 388 p.
Cruijsen, H., N. van der Gaag, E. van Imhoff & L. van Wissen (2004),
EUROPOP2003: national outcomes for the 10 new EU member states and 2 accession states; final report. The Hague: NIDI, 80 p.
Cruijsen, H. & S. Tsvetarsky (2004),
Long-term fertility scenarios for the 10 new EU member states and 2 accession countries; final report. The Hague: NIDI, 46 p.
Cruijsen, H. & P. Ekamper (2004),
Mortality in the 10 new EU member states and 2 accession countries: past and future patterns and trends at national level; final report. The Hague: NIDI, 55 p.
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2004),
Signals in science, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper TI 2004-113/1. Amsterdam etc.: Tinbergen Institute, 26 p. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2004),
The rationality behind immigration preferences, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper TI 2004-002/1 Amsterdam etc.: Tinbergen Institute, 19 p. [pdf]
Ekamper, P. & M.van Huis (2004),
Verhuizingen en huishoudensveranderingen in Nederland: verschillen tussen COROP-regio's. Den Haag/Voorburg: NIDI/CBS, 73 p. [pdf]
Ekamper, P. (2004),
De ontwikkeling van de personeelsomvang bij de rijksoverheid in de periode 2004-2019; een geactualiseerde verkenning. Den Haag: NIDI, 156 p.
Esveldt, I. & T. Fokkema (2004),
WP 4: the Netherlands, DIALOG Population Policy Acceptance Study (PPAS). The Hague: NIDI, 63 p.
Exterkate, M. & Jager (2004),
Report of a case study in the Islamic Republic of Iran (2002); Financial Resource Flows for Population Activities. The Hague: NIDI, 50 p.
Groenewold, G., R. Horstman & B. de Bruijn (2004),
Gender and the role of men in reproductive health: applications in studies on HIV sexual risk-behaviour in Zambia, safe motherhood in Nepal. The Hague: NIDI, 58 p. [pdf]
Imhoff, E. van & N.van der Gaag (2004),
EUROPOP2003: regional outcomes for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Sovak Republic; final report. The Hague: NIDI, 72 p.
NIDI (2004),
Compilation of long-term national and regional population scenarios for the 10 new EU member states and 2 EU accession countries; final report on data availability and quality of national demographic data series prepared by the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute. The Hague: NIDI, 2004. 21 p.
Nijkamp, P. & L. van Wissen (2004),
Modelling the entrepreneurial space-economy: an overview, Research Memorandum 2004-13. Amsterdam: Free University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 18 p.
Reuser, M., F. Willekens & J. Eckhardt-Gerritsen (2004),
Real time estimates for donor assistance for population and AIDS activities (2003 and preliminary 2004 data).

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