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Publications 2009

NIDI's research findings are published in external national and international journals, books and reports. This page presents an overview of all external publications in the year 2009.

Articles in journals covered by the (Social) Science Citation Index

Alam, N., J.K. van Ginneken & I. Timaeus (2009),
Determinants of perceived morbidity and use of health services by children tess than 15 years old in rural Bangladesh. Maternal and Child Health Journal 13 (1): 119-129. [pdf]
Beets, G. (2009),
Baby booms and busts: waves in fertility patterns. Anthropologischer Anzeiger 67 (4): 461-472. [pdf]
Bijwaard, G.E. & P.H. Franses (2009),
The effect of rounding on payment efficiency. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 53 (4): 1449-1461. [pdf]
Bonneux, L.G.A. (2009),
Medical demography and epidemiology: dizygotic twins [Commentary]. European Journal of Epidemiology 24 (4): 157-159. [pdf]
Bonneux, L. (2009),
The Singh libel case and 'alternative medicine'. European Journal of Public Health 19 (6): 574-575. [pdf]
Bras, H., F. van Poppel & K. Mandemakers (2009),
Relatives as spouses: Preferences and opportunities for kin marriage in a Western society. American Journal of Human Biology 21 (6): 793-804. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van, K. Henkens & J. Schippers (2009),
Dealing with older workers in Europe: a comparative survey of employers' attitudes and actions. Journal of European Social Policy 19 (1): 47-60. [pdf]
Dykstra, P.A. (2009),
Older adult loneliness: myths and realities. European Journal of Ageing 6 (2): 91-100. [pdf]
Dykstra, P.A. & R. Keizer (2009),
The wellbeing of childless men and fathers in mid-life. Ageing & Society 29 (8): 1227-1242. [pdf]
Ekamper, P., F. van Poppel, C. van Duin & J. Garssen (2009),
150 Years of temperature-related excess mortality in the Netherlands. Demographic Research 21 (14): 385-426. [pdf]
Fokkema, T. & L. Kuyper (2009),
The relation between social embeddedness and loneliness among older lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults in the Netherlands. Archives of Sexual Behavior 38 (2): 264-275. [pdf]
Gaalen, R. van & F. van Poppel (2009),
Long-term changes in the living arrangements of children in the Netherlands. Journal of Family Issues 30 (5): 653-669. [pdf]
Geurts, T., A.-R. Poortman, T. van Tilburg & P.A. Dykstra(2009),
Contact between grandchildren and their grandparents in early adulthood. Journal of Family Issues 30 (12): 1698-1713. [pdf]
Habbema, D.J.F., M.J.C. Eijkemans, G. Nargund, G. Beets, H. Leridon & E.R. te Velde (2009),
The effect of in vitro fertilization on birth rates in western countries. Human Reproduction 24 (6): 1414-1419. [pdf]
Henkens, K., H. van Solinge & R. Cozijnsen (2009),
Let go or retain? A comparative study of the attitudes of business students and managers about the retirement of older workers. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 39 (7): 1562-1588. [pdf]
Hogerbrugge, M.J.A. & P.A. Dykstra (2009),
The family ties of unmarried cohabiting and married persons in the Netherlands. Journal of Marriage and Family 71 (1): 135-145. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de, M. Broese van Groenou, A.W. Hoogendoorn & J.H. Smit (2009),
Quality of marriages in later life and emotional and social loneliness. The Journals of Gerontology Series B 64B (4): 497-506. [pdf]
Kaa, D.J. van de (2009),
Charlotte Höhn, Dragana Avramov and Irena Kotowska (eds): People, population change and policies. Volume 1: Lessons from the Population Policy Acceptance Study; Volume 2: Demographic knowledge-gender-ageing [Book review]. European Journal of Population / Revue européenne de Démographie 25 (1): 117-119. [pdf]
Kembo, J. & J.K. van Ginneken (2009),
Determinants of infant and child mortality in Zimbabwe: Results of multivariate hazard analysis. Demographic Research 21 (13): 367-384 . [pdf]
Liefbroer, A.C. (2009),
Changes in family size intentions across young adulthood: a life-course perspective. European Journal of Population / Revue européenne de Démographie 25 (4): 363-386. [pdf]
Merz, E.-M. & N.S. Consedine (2009),
The association of family support and wellbeing in later life depends on attachment security. Attachment & Human Development 11 (2): 203-221. [pdf]
Merz, E.-M., N.S. Consedine, H.-J. Schulze & C. Schuengel (2009),
Wellbeing of adult children and ageing parents: associations with intergenerational support and relationship quality. Ageing & Society 29 (5): 783-802. [pdf]
Merz, E.-M., E. Özeke Kocabas, F.J. Oort & C. Schuengel (2009),
Intergenerational family solidarity: Value differences between immigrant groups and generations. Journal of Family Psychology 23 (3): 291-300. [pdf]
Merz, E.-M., C. Schuengel & H.-J. Schulze (2009),
Intergenerational relations across four years: wellbeing is affected by quality not by support exchange. The Gerontologist 49 (4): 536-548. [pdf]
Poppel, F.W.A. van, H.P. van Dalen & E. Walhout (2009),
Diffusion of a social norm: tracing the emergence of the housewife in the Netherlands, 1812-1922. Economic History Review 62 (1): 99-127. [pdf]
Poppel, F. van, R. Jennissen & K. Mandemakers (2009),
Time trends in social class mortality differentials in the Netherlands, 1820-1920; an assessment based on indirect estimation techniques. Social Science History 33 (2): 119-153. [pdf]
Putte, B. van de, F. van Poppel, S. Vanassche, M. Sanchez, S. Jidkova, M. Eeckhaut, M. Oris & K. Matthijs (2009),
The rise of age homogamy in 19th century Western Europe. Journal of Marriage and Family 71 (5): 1234-1253. [pdf]
Reuser, M., L.G. Bonneux & F.J. Willekens (2009),
Smoking kills, obesity disables: a multistate approach of the US Health and Retirement Survey. Obesity 17 (4): 783-789. [pdf]
Rijken, A.J. & & T. Knijn (2009),
Couples' decisions on having a first child; comparing pathways to early and late parenthood. Demographic Research 21 (26): 765-802. [pdf]
Rijken, A.J. & A.C. Liefbroer (2009),
Influences of the family of origin on the timing and quantum of fertility in the Netherlands. Population Studies 63 (1): 71-85. [pdf]
Rijken, A.J. & A.C. Liefbroer (2009),
The influence of partner relationship quality on fertility. European Journal of Population / Revue européenne de Démographie 25 (1): 27-44. [pdf]
Soons, J.P.M., A.C. Liefbroer & M. Kalmijn (2009),
The long-term consequences of relationship formation for subjective well-being. Journal of Marriage and Family 71 (5): 1254-1270. [pdf]
Soons, J.P.M. & M. Kalmijn (2009),
Is marriage more than cohabitation? Well-being differences in 30 European countries. Journal of Marriage and Family 71 (5): 1141-1157. [pdf]
Stark, O., M. Micevska & J. Mycielski (2009),
Relative poverty as a determinant of migration: Evidence from Poland. Economics Letters 103 (3): 119-122. [pdf]
Vries, J. de, Kalmijn & A.C. Liefbroer (2009),
Intergenerational transmission of kinship norms? Evidence from siblings in a multi-actor survey. Social Science Research 38 (1): 188-200. [pdf]

Articles in edited books and in other refereed scientific journals

Beets, G. (2009),
An introduction: late fertility and determinants of postponement behaviour. Genus 64 (3-4): 17-31.
Beets, G. (2009),
Demografische ontwikkelingen in de wereld en Europa. In: N. van Nimwegen & L. Heering (eds.), Bevolkingsvraagstukken in Nederland anno 2009. Van groei naar krimp; een demografische omslag in beleid. Werkverband Periodieke Rapportage Bevolkingsvraagstukken (WPRB), NIDI report nr. 80. Amsterdam: KNAW Press, p. 27-57.
Beets, G. & F. Willekens (2009),
The global economic crisis and international migration: an uncertain outlook. Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2009: 19-37. [pdf]
Bijwaard, G.E. (2009),
Instrumental variable estimation for duration data. In: H. Engelhardt, H.-P. Kohler & A. Fürnkranz-Prskawetz (eds.), Causal analysis in population studies: concepts, methods, applications. Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, p. 111-148.
Bonneux, L. (2009),
De voor- en nadelen van borstkankerscreening; tijd voor evidence-based in formatie [Ter discussie]. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 153: A887. [pdf]
Bonneux, L. (2009),
Geen bewijs voor minder griepcomplicaties door oseltamivir [Commentaar]. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 153: A1127. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Bevolkingskrimp in Nederland: somber stemmend of een wenkend perspectief? In: N. van Nimwegen & L. Heering (eds.), Bevolkingsvraagstukken in Nederland anno 2009. Van groei naar krimp; een demografische omslag in beleid. Werkverband Periodieke Rapportage Bevolkingsvraagstukken (WPRB), NIDI report nr. 80. Amsterdam: KNAW Press, p. 207-225.
Dalen, H.P. van, K. Henkens & J. Schippers (2009),
Beelden van de productiviteit van ouderen bij werkgevers en werknemers. Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken 25 (1): 6-19. [pdf]
Dykstra, P.A. (2009),
Childless old age. In: P. Uhlenberg (ed.), International handbook of population aging. Dordrecht: Springer, p. 671-690. [pdf]
Dykstra, P.A. (2009),
Experimenteel onderzoek: het overwegen waard. Mens & maatschappij 84 (1): 2-4.
Dykstra, P.A. (2009),
Informele solidariteit onder babyboomers: zorgen voor morgen? In: G. Tielen & B. Dortland (eds.), Solidariteit tussen de generaties onder spanning. Haarlem: Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, p. 27-35.
Fokkema, T. & P.A. Dykstra (2009),
Feiten en misverstanden over eenzaamheid en de aanpak ervan. Tijdschrift voor Welzijnswerk 33 (298): 37-45.
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2009),
Living arrangements, family bonds and the regional context affecting social integration of older adults in Europe. In: How generations and gender shape demographic change; towards policies based on better knowledge. New York/Geneva: United Nations, p. 107-126. [pdf]
Jong Gierveld, J. de (2009),
Nieuwe eenzaamheid: wat kan ik eraan doen? [redactioneel]. Tijdschrift voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie 40 (3): 100-101.
Li, Q., M. Reuser, C. Kraus & J. Alho (2009),
Ageing of a giant: a stochastic population forecast for China, 2006-2060. Journal of Population Research 26 (1): 21-50. [pdf]
Liefbroer, A.C. & A.J. Rijken (2009),
Religie en huwelijkswaarden in Europa [abstract]. In: H.B.G. Ganzeboom & M. Wittenberg (eds.), Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief; Proceedings Tweede Nederlandse Workshop European Social Survey - 13 november 2008. DANS Symposium publicaties 5, Amsterdam: AKSANT, p. 169-175. [pdf]
Nimwegen, N. van & L. Heering (2009),
Van groei naar krimp: een demografische omslag. Samenvatting en discussie. In: N. van Nimwegen & L. Heering (eds.), Bevolkingsvraagstukken in Nederland anno 2009. Van groei naar krimp; een demografische omslag in beleid. Werkverband Periodieke Rapportage Bevolkingsvraagstukken (WPRB), NIDI report nr. 80. Amsterdam: KNAW Press, p. 1-25.
Poppel, F. van, J. Schellekens & E. Walhout (2009),
Oversterfte van jonge meisjes in Nederland in de negentiende en eerste helft twintigste eeuw. Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis 6 (4): 37-69.
Soons, J.P.M. & A.C. Liefbroer (2009),
Patterns of life satisfaction, personality and family transitions in young adulthood. Advances in Life Course Research 14 (3): 87-100. [pdf]
Willekens, F. (2009),
Continuous-time microsimulation in longitudinal analysis. In: A. Zaidi, A. Harding & P. Williamson (eds.), New frontiers in microsimulation modelling. Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, p. 413-436.

Articles in other (national) journals and books

Bijwaard, G.E. (2009),
Crisis en de werkgelegenheid van recente immigranten. Economisch Statistische Berichten 94 (4572): 685-686. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van (2009),
Maak Nederland vergrijzingsproof. Socialisme & Democratie 66 (9): 51-54. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van, T. Fokkema & K. Henkens (2009),
Emigreren na je pensioen: feit of fictie? Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en samenleving 11 (3): 12-15. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
De onvermoede baten van bevolkingskrimp. Economisch Statistische Berichten 94 (4562): 358-361. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Een kijk op de toekomstige generatie ouderen. Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en samenleving 11 (3): 26.
Dalen, H.P. van & A. Klamer (2009),
De globalisering van de economische wetenschap, of het verdwijnen van de Nederlandse econoom. TPEdigitaal 3 (4): 101-118. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & H.A.A. Verbon (2009),
Joodse immigratie in Palestina tijdens het Britse mandaat. Economisch Statistische Berichten 94 (4564): 436-439. [pdf]
Fokkema, T., C. Harmsen & H. Nicolaas (2009),
Herkomst en vestiging van de eerste generatie Marokkanen in Nederland. Bevolkingstrends, statistisch kwartaalblad over de demografie van Nederland 57 (3): 51-56. [pdf]
Henkens, K., H. van Solinge & H.P. van Dalen (2009),
Beslissingen rond langer werken: de onzichtbare drempels voor een later pensioen. Tijdschrift voor HRM 12 (3): 64-79. [pdf]
Henkens, K., H. van Solinge & H.P. van Dalen (2009),
Doorstarten na pensioen; de afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt mag niet te groot worden. Gids voor Personeelsmanagement 88 (6): 22-25.
Solinge, H. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Levenslang leren [Gerongrafiek]. Geron, tijdschrift over ouder worden en samenleving 11 (2): 12.

Books or reports published elsewhere

Cedefop (2009),
Implications of demographic change for vocational education and training in the EU. Cedefop Panorama series 162, Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 123 p. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van, K. Henkens, B. Lokhorst & J. Schippers (2009),
Herintreding van vroeggepensioneerden. Onderzoeksrapport 9-9-2009, Den Haag: Raad voor Werk en Inkomen. 61 p. [pdf]
Eurostat (2009),
Health statistics - Atlas on mortality in the European Union, 2009 edition. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 205 p. (report compiled by NIDI) [pdf]
Ministry of Rehabilitation and Rural Development & Central Statistics Organisation of Afghanistan (2009),
National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 2007/8; a profile of Afghanistan. Main Report, Kabul: Ministry of Rehabilitation and Rural Development & Central Statistics Organisation of Afghanistan. 157 p. [pdf]
Putten, A.E. van (2009),
The role of intergenerational transfers in gendered labour patterns, Doctoral dissertation Utrecht University. Amsterdam: Aksant, 187p. [pdf]
Rijken, A.J. (2009),
Happy families, high fertility? Childbearing choices in the context of family and partner relationships, Doctoral dissertation. Utrecht: Utrecht University. 166 p. [pdf]

Other reports and publications

Bijwaard, G.E. (2009),
A simple GMM estimator for the semi-parametric mixed proportional hazard model, IZA Discussion Paper No. 4543. Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), 43 p. [pdf]
Bijwaard, G.E. (2009),
Labour market status and migration dynamics, IZA Discussion Paper No. 4530. Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), 46 p. [pdf]
Bonneux, L. & C. Huisman (2009),
Who dies of what in Europe before the age of 65; high life expectancy but large differences in mortality, Eurostat - Statistics in Focus - Population and Social Conditions, 2009/67. Luxemburg: European Communities, 12 p. [pdf]
Conen, W., H.P. van Dalen & K. Henkens (2009),
De verleiding van vervroegd pensioen in crisistijd. Me Judice 2, 02-10-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van (2009),
Commissie Zalm laat kans lopen op modernisering koningshuis. Me Judice 2, 05-03-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van (2009),
Debat koningshuis: macht zonder gezag valt gezag zonder macht aan. Me Judice 2, 09-10-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van & E. Engelen (2009),
Bevolkingspolitiek is voor politici met krimpangst. Me Judice 2, 24-01-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Invisible barriers in international labour migration: the case of the Netherlands, CentER discussion paper 2009-16. Tilburg: University of Tilburg, 23 p. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Overheid winnaar in vertrouwenscrisis pensioenbeheer. Me Judice 2, 02-03-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Henkens (2009),
Wie is er bang voor bevolkingskrimp? Me Judice 2, 24-09-2009. [web]
Dalen, H.P. van, K. Henkens & J.J. Schippers (2009),
Unraveling the age-productivity nexus: confronting perceptions of employers and employees, CentER discussion paper 2009-04. Tilburg: University of Tilburg, 29 p. [pdf]
Dalen, H.P. van & K. Koedijk (2008),
De leunstoeleconoom gaat aan verbeelding ten onder. Me Judice, 13-06-2009. [web]
Dykstra, P.A., E. Grundy, T. Fokkema, J. de Jong Gierveld, G.B. Ploubidis, S. Read & C. Tomassini (2009),
Health and well-being at older ages: the interlinkage with family life histories, gender, and national contexts. Final report prepared in the context of the MAGGIE (Major Ageing and Gender Issues in Europe) research project. The Hague/London: NIDI/LSHTM, 45 p. [pdf]
European Observatory on the Social Situation - Demography Network (2009),
Demographic trends, socio-economic impacts and policy implications in the European Union - 2008; Monitoring report. Brussels: European Commission, 161 p. [pdf]
Haas, H. de & T. Fokkema (2009),
Intra-household tensions and conflicts of interest in migration decision making: a case study of the Todgha valley, Morocco, IMI working paper 17. Oxford: University of Oxford, 40 p. [pdf]
Hershey, D.A., K. Henkens & H.P. van Dalen (2009),
What drives pension worries in Europe? A multilevel analysis, Netspar Discussion Paper 10/2009-055. Tilburg: University of Tilburg, 30 p. [pdf]
Valk, H.A.G. de, K.R. Noam, A.M. Bosch & G.C.N. Beets (2009),
Children in immigrant families in the Netherlands: a statistical portrait and a review of the literature, Innocenti Working Paper WP-2009-16. Florence: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, 79 p. [pdf]

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