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Demography of young adults and inter-generational transmission

This project focuses on the study of changes during young adulthood and the influence of the parental home on demographic life course choices of young adults. The central questions are: to what extent do we see an intergenerational transmission of demographic behaviour and which mechanisms are at play here?

The research questions are addressed with different types of data. An important source of information are the data gathered as part of the panel study 'Youth and Culture' carried out at Amsterdam's Vrije Universiteit by Aart Liefbroer, in cooperation with Ganzeboom and Nagel. Other sources are national and international datasets that are suitable for the study of the intergenerational transmission of demographic behaviour.


Steenhof, L. & A.C. Liefbroer (2008),
Intergenerational transmission of age at first birth in the Netherlands for birth cohorts born between 1935 and 1984: evidence from municipal registers. Population Studies 62 (1): 69-84. [pdf]
Steenhof, L. & A.C. Liefbroer (2008),
Intergenerationele overdracht van de leeftijd bij geboorte van het eerste kind. Bevolkingstrends, statistisch kwartaalblad over de demografie van Nederland 56 (2): 82-94. [pdf]
Liefbroer, A.C. & P.A. Dykstra (2007),
Van generatie op generatie; gelijkenis tussen ouders en kinderen. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 130 p.    
Van generatie op generatie; gelijkenis tussen ouders en kinderen
Liefbroer, A.C. (2005),
Valt de appel nog steeds niet ver van de boom? Over intergenerationele overdracht van demografisch gedrag. Inaugurele rede, Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit, 29 p. [pdf]


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