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Sociology of retirement

The project studies the social and cultural aspects of retirement. Emphasis is given to the analysis of the social embeddedness of older workers, their labour force behaviour and on the impact of retirement on their personal lives.

Various research questions are addressed with different types of data. Within the framework of this project a PhD project is carried out on late life transitions and social integration which is supervised by Henkens and Kalmijn (University of Amsterdam).


Bogaard, L. van, K. Henkens & M. Kalmijn (2011),
So now what? Effects of retirement on social activities and relationships with friends and family.Netspar Discussion Paper 12/2011-107. Tilburg: University of Tilburg, 33 p. [pdf]
Henkens, K. (2011),
Een sociologisch perspectief op langer werken. TPEdigitaal 5 (2): 36-52. [pdf]
Henkens, C.J.I.M. (2010),
Pensioen in beweging: over sociologische aspecten van langer werken. Inaugurele rede, Tilburg: Universiteit van Tilburg. 24 p. [pdf]
  Pensioen in beweging: over sociologische aspecten van langer werken



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