Internships for Research Master students

We offer master students who focus on doing research (known as ‘Research Masters’ in the Netherlands) the opportunity to do an internship at NIDI. You can use this internship to write a master thesis, but it can also be part of a course in the curriculum that involves research activities. During the internship you can participate in one of the many interdisciplinary research projects that we are involved in.

The length of the internship depends on the topic, but generally varies from three to five months. Both full-time and part-time arrangements are usually possible, but specific requirements may apply depending on the project.

Additional information about specific projects can be obtained from the contact person for each project.

Current vacancies for internships

How to apply?

Given the time it takes to prepare and plan an internship, it is advisable to apply in an early stage, so that your stay can be planned well in advance. Applications for internships should include:

  • A CV
  • An overview of grades obtained during the bachelor and (if present) master program
  • A proof of research and writing skills, such as a publication or a research report
  • A statement expressing interest in the topic

Please send your application to the contact person listed with the project. You will hear within 4 weeks after applying whether you are accepted or not. Once accepted, the terms of the internship, such as its goals, the details of the program, the expected output, and the supervision, will be recorded in an internship agreement.

What do we offer?

  • A monthly allowance of € 450.- gross (based on a fulltime appointment, otherwise proportionally adjusted on the basis of part time factor) in the form of salary. Tax and premiums will be deducted from this salary.
  • Reimbursement of commuting cost according to the standard KNAW regulations
  • Coverage of all obligatory legal insurances (e.g. labour disability, Wajong, but not unemployment insurance, WIA or health insurance)

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