Scientific advisory board


Prof. dr. P. (Pieter) Hooimeijer,
Professor of Human Geography and Demography,
Utrecht University


Prof. dr. A. (Alex) Burdorf,
Professor of Determinants of Population Health,
Erasmus MC

Prof. dr. G.B.M. (Godfried) Engbersen,
Professor of Sociology,
Erasmus University

Prof. dr. J. (Jane) Falkingham,
Professor of Demography and International Social Policy,
University of Southampton

Prof. dr. ir. T. (Tanja) van der Lippe,
Professor of Sociology of Households and Employment Relations,
Utrecht University

Prof. dr. E.M. (Esther-Mirjam) Sent,
Professor in Economic Theory and Policy,
Radboud University Nijmegen

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