Dr. R.J. (Becky) Arnold


Dr Becky Arnold completed her PhD in astrophysics at the University of Sheffield in 2019, where she used N-body simulations to study how stars are born. Following this she completed postdoctoral positions at the University of Massachusetts (2019-2020) and University of Keele (2020-2023). In these roles she developed new statistical techniques to model how star clusters form and evolve.

Dr Arnold also worked for the UK Health Security Agency from 2021-2022, taking a leave of absence from her astrophysics postdoc to do so. There she designed and constructed a model of how different testing strategies mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in vulnerable settings such as care homes, prisons and schools.

Dr Arnold is now working on the PREMIUM_EU project at NIDI. This project aims to model migration on a sub-national level, and study how regional policy can be applied to use migration to develop vulnerable regions.


Modeling, statistical analysis, computer simulations

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