Dr. J.J.H. (Jelle) Lössbroek


Jelle Lössbroek is a postdoctoral researcher studying the retirement situation of migrants in the Netherlands. Since June 2022 he executes this project, funded by winning the Instituut Gak-KNAW award 2021 for the research proposal ‘Een goede oude dag voor migranten’.

Between 2014 and 2018, Jelle Lössbroek wrote his PhD dissertation at the Department of Sociology at Utrecht University. This booklet ‘Turning grey into gold’ studies in nine European countries how employers and employees deal with personnel policies in a time of increasing retirement ages. As part of this project, he was part of the data collection team for the European Sustainable Workforce Survey. From 2018 to 2022, Lössbroek continued as postdoctoral researcher at the UU on projects related to female managers and labour market digitalisation.  For the latter, Lössbroek was secondary proposer for a Cost Action, which founded the European research network ‘Work inequalities in later life redefined by digitalization’.


Sociology of organisations, personnel policies, ageing labour market, migration, labour market digitalisation

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