Photo: Mike McBey / Flickr

Horizon Europe project PREMIUM_EU awarded to research consortium coordinated by NIDI

21 December 2022

A consortium headed by NIDI has obtained a large Horizon Europe Framework project, with the title: Policy REcommendations to Maximise the beneficial Impact of Unexplored Mobilities in and beyond the European Union: PREMIUM_EU. Key question of the project is How can European migration, between countries and within countries between regions, contribute to the development of vulnerable regions in Europe?  The project was awarded by the Horizon Europe Framework, under the topic of The Impact of spatial mobility on European demographics, society, welfare system and labour market.  The project will start on April 1st 2023, and run for three years, until April 1st 2026. Project coordinator is Leo van Wissen. More information can be found at: PREMIUM_EU – NIDI. A designated website will be developed in due course.

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