A. (Anushiya) Vanajan M.Sc.

PhD Researcher

Anushiya Vanajan is an internationally-trained doctoral researcher, with an interest in the epidemiology of work and health.

Originating from Sri Lanka, Anushiya completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology in Kuala Lampur, accomplished her post-graduate degree in Epidemiology in Munich, and thereafter, joined NIDI for her doctoral studies. She demonstrates a history of working in the higher-education industry, in roles ranging from research assistant to assistant lecturer.

Anushiya’s current research focuses on the impact of organizational policies on the healthy ageing of older workers. Her work centers mostly around older workers with chronic health conditions: the specific work-related challenges they may face, how organizations can accommodate these challenges, and these workers’ transitions from work to retirement.

She is also passionate about translating the knowledge she gains from her research into relevant of policy and practice measures to make a difference in promoting healthy and sustainable working lives for older and younger workers alike.


Healthy aging and older workers, retirement, mental well-being, implementation research

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