C. (Camilla) Marabini M.Sc.

PhD Researcher

Camilla Marabini is a PhD student in the Work and Retirement group. She holds a MSc in Sociology and Social Research from Utrecht University. In her PhD project “Organizational determinants of healthy pathways to retirement”, supervised by Kène Henkens and Marleen Damman, she is going to study how organization-level determinants (climate, policies, norms) influence employee retirement intentions and behaviors. For this project, the three waves of the Nidi Pension Panel Survey (NPPS) will be the main source of data. Methodologically, she works with interrater agreement and (longitudinal, SEM) multi-level modelling. Other research interests include the retirement processes of different labour market groups, such as solo self-employed workers.


Retirement, employees, multilevel, solo self-employment

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