Dr. M.V. (Mioara) Zoutewelle-Terovan   


Mioara Zoutewelle-Terovan is a fellow of the “Families and Generations” department with interest in life-course research. In her studies she integrated life-course concepts, theories and methodologies from various disciplines (demography, sociology, psychology and criminology) to test correlates and determinants of adult outcomes. Her key areas of expertise are adult family transitions, well-being and criminal engagement and the manner in which they are influenced by a disadvantaged background (e.g. childhood adversity, non-normative family transitions). She studied Psychology in Romania, graduated a master program in Methodology and Statistics at Leiden University and received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam. In 2015 she joined the NIDI as a post-doctoral researcher within an ERC – Advanced Grant project. In 2019 she has been awarded an NWO Veni-grant to study children in out-of-home care and reveal the consequences of youth disadvantaged histories on adult family transitions, employment behavior and criminal engagement.


Life-course research, family formation, criminal offending, causality analysis


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