Dr. L. (Lonneke) van den Berg


Lonneke van den Berg is a postdoctoral researcher at NIDI. She is interested in how young adulthood is changing and how young adults cope with these changes. In 2022, she received the Instituut Gak-KNAW award for her research proposal titled “De weg naar volwassenheid in de knoop? De rol van onzekere arbeidsposities voor de leefsituatie en het welzijn van jongvolwassenen.” In this research she examines the impact of temporary contracts on young adults’ life course transitions and well-being. She studies these topics using longitudinal register and panel data, applying advanced quantitative methods.

Lonneke holds a PhD degree in Sociology (2020) at the University of Amsterdam. In her PhD research, she examined contextual and individual explanations for the timing of leaving home. Following her PhD research, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Radboud University on singlehood in young adulthood.

Lonneke is an editor of the journal Mens & Maatschappij.


Young adulthood, life course research, family research, singlehood, social inequality


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