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Netspar grant for NIDI research on migrants and their pension

6 October 2022

The knowledge network Netspar – Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement – has awarded the project proposal of NIDI researchers Frank van Tubergen en Jelle Lössbroek for their research project “Migrants’ retirement preparation: risk factors, causes, solutions” with a grant of € 250,000. More about the project:

Retirement preparation of migrants

Four out of ten non-Western migrants in the Netherlands end up below the poverty line during their retirement. For pensioners with a Dutch background, this is only two percent. Since this group of retired migrants will grow strongly (already twice as large in 2030 compared to now), it is essential to understand the pension situation of this group. How does the financial position differ based on migration history, country of origin, educational attainment, etc.? There is a social safety net in the form of the Supplementary Income Provision for the Elderly [Aanvullende inkomensvoorziening Ouderen, AIO], but it is estimated that this is not used by a third to half of the people who are entitled to it. Why is this and how could this be resolved? In addition, it is likely that the pension preparation of migrants is different from that of people without a migration background. For example, pension knowledge is probably lower for this group, that may struggle more with formal pension communication. If you do not know that your pension situation is problematic or what you can do about it, you are not likely to take action. The outlook for the future will also be different: those who expect to return to their country of origin will probably prepare differently for their retirement. And lower confidence in the pension sector is not an invitation to explore this further.

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