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NIDI is proud to be partner in the SUMMIT project SOCION receiving 30 million of funding

29 May 2024

NIDI received wonderful news on research funding that was acquired in the NWO Summit call. The SOCION consortium, of which NIDI is a key partner, has acquired an NWO Summit Grant of 30 million euros to conduct research into social cohesion. The consortium consists of social scientists and humanities scientists from five different knowledge institutions: University of Groningen (coordinator), Utrecht University, VU Amsterdam, Radboud University and NIDI. From NIDI Prof. Helga De Valk (director NIDI/professor FRW RUG) is one of the main applicants. In addition, Prof. Matthijs Kalmijn (theme group leader NIDI/professor GMW RUG) and prof. Kène Henkens (theme group leader NIDI/professor UMCG) are involved.

The SOCION consortium will investigate social cohesion, ‘the fabric of society’, crucial for sustainable societies and the well-being of citizens. However, social cohesion is increasingly undermined by erosion of communities and polarization between groups. Within the SOCION consortium, psychologists, historians, demographers, philosophers and sociologists join forces with societal partners to gain insight into how connections between individuals, groups and institutions may contribute to new pathways to and forms of social cohesion.

Of the 55 partnerships that were nominated by the boards of Dutch knowledge institutions, 15 were selected to develop a full application and present it. Ultimately, five consortia received funding.

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