Dr. P.W. (Petra) de Jong


Petra W. de Jong works at NIDI as a postdoctoral researcher within the theme group ‘Migrants and Migration’. Currently, she is involved in a study on the children of immigrants in the Netherlands, or so-called ‘second generation’, funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Petra obtained her PhD within the context of the broader ‘MobileWelfare’ project, funded by Norface. In her dissertation entitled ‘Between Welfare and Farewell’, she studied the role of welfare systems in intra-European migration decisions. With her research, Petra aims to contribute to a better understanding of migration processes, and their interconnectedness with other life domains. In her work, she uses an interdisciplinary, mixed-methods approach to investigate what makes people move, as well as the consequences of international migration for both the individual and society at large.


Migration and ethnic relations


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