The pros and cons of a flexible public pension age

Is it fair to increase the public pension age, especially for low-skilled workers in physically demanding jobs? Or should low-skilled workers be given the possibility to retire earlier through flexible public pension ages?

What are the costs and benefits of introducing a flexible public pension age? Together with the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) we study how employees and employers feel about flexible public pension ages and how their behavior may change due to this reform. We conduct scenario studies of the present and future of an ageing society to examine the following questions: who will use flexible public pension ages? Will flexible pensions extend or shorten working lives? How will workers of different ages, gender, or educational backgrounds feel about the fairness of a flexible public pension option? And does a flexible public pension offer any added value to the existing pension system?

This project is funded by Instituut Gak. For more information (in Dutch) visit:

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