FUME: Future Migration Scenarios for Europe

Local circumstances play a major role in the migration process, from the decision to migrate through the transit process up to the settlement in destination countries. Nearly all international migrants move to – generally the largest – cities in destination countries. Both in countries of origin and destination cities are significant determinants of global migration. To avoid misleading results associated with the limitations arising from the use of global or national patterns only, FUME will determine 1) the major factors explaining migrant movement patterns by analyzing regional and local circumstances that either attract migrants or ‘push’ potential migrants to move, and 2) elaborate how possible future regional socio-demographic, economic and environmental challenges may shape future migrant movement patterns in Europe.

This project, which includes 9 research partners across Europe, is funded by Horizon 2020 and is led by Aalborg University. NIDI is mainly responsible for the global scenario narratives, the regional population and migration scenarios and the case study for the city of Amsterdam.

Future Migration Scenarios for Europe


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