Policy & Dissemination

As populations change, societies change. This not only creates new challenges within our societies, it also tests the policies that are already in place. In this context, we study the problems that arise from changing populations, in order to help solve them. By providing these insights, we assist policy makers to make better decisions and create evidence-based policies. We collaborate closely with researchers of various disciplines to explore and strengthen the relationships between NIDI’s research and the developments in policies and in society.

What are we working on?

Our main project, Financial Resource Project on Family Planning, monitors how much funds flow into projects that deal with family planning worldwide. To collect data for this, we cooperate with institutes across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition, while most research at NIDI looks at the present and towards the future, we look back to use resources and knowledge the past offers. In Historical GIS & Demography, we link historical population data from population censuses and registers to create digitalized cadastral maps and study the demography of the Netherlands at historical time periods at the micro level.

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