Prof. dr. F.W.A. (Frans) van Poppel

Frans van Poppel, historian and demographer, is Honorary Research Fellow at NIDI. He was senior researcher at the same institute since 1976 and Special full professor in Social Sciences at Utrecht University and in the History Department of Radboud University, Nijmegen. He was co-editor of the European Journal of Population and of Annales de Démographie Historique. He coordinated the Network Family and Demography of the European Social Science History Conference and of the Social Science Science History Association. He was President of the European Society for Historical Demography. His research focused on long-term developments in mortality, fertility and marriage and divorce, the results of which were. published in leading journals in epidemiology, demography, history and sociology. His running research projects deal with the relation between prenatal malnutrition and survival (funded by NIH),  the role of medical knowledge in the mortality and fertility transition, and the life course of centenarians.


Emeritus Special Full Professor at the Department of Sociology, Utrecht University


Historical demography, family formation, mortality


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