Ageing workers in an ageing society: Labour force transitions and work in late life

Older workers need to work longer than they once envisioned. In this project, we examine how older workers manage to remain productive in their late careers and how employers support their ageing workforce. The following sub-projects are part of “Ageing workers in an ageing society”:

  • Late-life labor market decisions in a couple context: through this sub-project, we aim to unravel how partners in a couple influence each other’s decisions about work and retirement.
  • The impact of organizational policies on healthy ageing at work: we study how organizations might promote healthy ageing at work and a more flexible transition from work to retirement, focusing on work contexts, personnel policies, and organizational climates.
  • Unpaid work around the retirement transition: in this subproject, we examine how and why older workers shape and experience their engagement in unpaid activities (such as caregiving, grandparenting, and volunteering) in the years around retirement.

Analyses are based on the NIDI Pension Panel Survey (link to NPPS) which contain information from around 6500 older workers, as well as their partners and employers.

This project is financed through a Vici grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

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