The causes and consequences of retirement: A sociological perspective

Baby boomers are ‘redefining’ retirement, as their needs and ambitions for retirement are quite unlike those of previous generations. Despite this, current research rarely studies baby boomers’ plans for retirement and what they actually do after retirement.

This project goes a step further than its sister project “Ageing Workers in an Ageing Society”, by zooming in on older workers’ experiences around retirement. We explore how older workers plan their retirement and how they spend their lives in retirement. Do they continue to work, for example on a part-time basis? Are they engaged in hobbies or volunteer work? Do they take care of their grandchildren?

We base our analyses on the NIDI Pension Panel Survey (link to NPPS), which contain information on older workers and retirees, as well as their partners.

This project is funded by Netspar.

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